After an evening of e-mail checking and article writing, I thought, like any normal person, that I’d give my name (Debrah Boucher for those of you who are new around here) quick Google to see if I’d come up in the results.

Before you’re quick to judge, we’ve all been there and if you haven’t then you’re either lying to yourself or you’ve never had an internet connection, which thinking about it you couldn’t be reading this anyway…I digress.

To my surprise, I didn’t actually find myself, well not my true self anyway.

I came across a very successful Cushman and Wakefield employee by the name of Deb Boucher (just like mine!) except her full name was spelled ‘Deborah Boucher’ again just like mine but with an ‘o’.

And as we all know, once we’ve found something on Google, we can’t stop, sort of like watching cat videos on YouTube; you watch one and you just keep on digging down the rabbit hole until you wake up from the hypnosis and realize how much time you’ve just wasted.

This was exactly the case for me, so to turn this time waited into something of value, I thought I’d do a quick write up on her compiling all of the information I have found on this very successful Managing Director, Deborah Boucher.

Before we discuss more about Deborah, I found a lot about the company which she is a Managing Director for, so I feel like it’s fitting to discuss them first so we can understand what Deb might get up to in her day to day life and it would also be fun to compare someone, who has the same name, to myself.

What is Cushman and Wakefield?

Obviously after finding out what Boucher did for a living; my first question was what is Cushman and Wakefield all about? Maybe I’m out of the loop with this sort of thing but I had not heard of them before, and after some extensive research, I don’t know why I hadn’t.

CAW (Cushman and Wakefield for short) is an American commercial real estate company that provides various services which are catered towards the client’s needs. With over 48,000 employees and offices in 70 countries and earning total revenue of $6 Billion in 2017, I must have been living under a rock all these years, especially since the company has been active in the industry for just over 100 years.

If you’re interested in learning more about the company, such as their origins and the original founder, then checking out the official Cushman and Wakefield Wiki page will give you all you need to know; I urge you to go over there and check it out, it’s such an interesting read even if you’re not part of or have an interest in their respective industry

Cushman and Wakefield Services

I mentioned that they provide services, which is nothing special since literally every company that has excited ever provides some sort of service. However the service which they provide is structured for commercial use which follows a core set of principles; and as principles go, they differ from rules because they can be changed, which is exactly what Cushman and Wakefield services are – they are services which follow a set of rules but can differ from each other from project to project depending on the client’s needs.

Which is actually quite special since many companies provide a service that is the same for everyone, whereas CAW provides a service that feels unique to the client so they know there best interests are in mind and their just not another dollar sign to the company.

Here are some; but not all services they provide:

  • Agency Leasing
  • Facilities Services
  • Global Occupier Services
  • Investment & Asset Management
  • Project & Development Services
  • Tenant Representation

For a more in-depth list, check out the Cushman and Wakefield Services.

Cushman and Wakefield Clients

Being such a professional company that has been running for more than 100 years, you’d expect them to have clients that are giants within the corporate world; they certainly don’t disappoint either.

With names like Shell Oil Company, NRG Energy and Kinder Morgan in their clientele backing, Cushman and Wakefield clients say enough about how good this company actually is and I can see why it is such a prestigious option for any company looking for advice and knowledge on real estate as well as on their long list of other area of expertise.

Cushman and Wakefield Headquarters

With offices in 70 countries, you can expect that Cushman and Wakefield have a lot of work based premises, and they are in no shortage of official Cushman and Wakefield Headquarters either.

Their main headquarters are located in Chicago and on top of this they have regional headquarters that span across New York City (Americas), London (EMEA), Sydney (APC), and Bangalore (Asia). Because of this, with its 48,000 employees, it is amongst the largest commercial real estate services in the world.

Cushman and Wakefield Locations

On top of their main headquarters, they also have a range of offices which spans across the world. Each office helps CAW push their values on to the world, bringing their principles to their clients every day. Below are a couple of locations that feature notable offices that have done some great work for Cushman and Wakefield.

If you’re just looking for the address of their office locations, then feel free to check out the official Cushman and Wakefield locations page.

Cushman and Wakefield UK

From London to Glasgow, Cushman and Wakefield UK makes up a great deal of CAW’s organization and is one of the top performing countries when it comes down to the core business side; probably because it is just a developed country into comparison with a place such as India.

However this does not mean their task has been easy, with any Real Estate company, there is plenty of competition within the industry so becoming such an established name within Real Estate, whether that’s in the UK or elsewhere is still a great achievement.

Cushman and Wakefield London

WWith offices in both London Old Broad Street Road and London West End, it is safe to say that Cushman and Wakefield have firmly stamped their name on London, being one of the more developed cities of the UK, which initiative commercial work going out every day.

Cushman and Wakefield London Office spaces are a great example of them practicing what they preach, structured to improve productivity rate of their employee’s as well as inspiring them each day to follow their dreams along with acting as a team.

Cushman and Wakefield Birmingham

Unlike their London locations, Cushman and Wakefield Birmingham have only one established office, now obviously you’d think they’d have more which they, in fact, they most probably could; however, the question is ‘would it be worth it?’.

Probably not.

Because unlike London, Birmingham is not as nearly as large or even as popular so by having multi offices, you might begin to take away profits from office A therefore eventually making the office redundant. SO their decision to only have one office is a smart and optimal one.

Also, just because they only have one office does not mean they are unpopular in Birmingham, far from it. Similar to their London locations, they are also a name the town buzzes on as they offer so much value to the town’s commercial buildings.

Cushman and Wakefield Manchester

One of their most prominent locations, which is evident to the fact that they were nominated and won ‘Office Agent of the Year‘ in 2017 for their work in 2016 which included acting on schemes such as Manchester’s 101 Embankment and One New Bailit. In a competitive category, Cushman and Wakefield Manchester prevailed because of their involvement in a range of developments that helped to transform the North West that year.

Year after year Cushman and Wakefield Manchester continue to improve on themselves as a collective office and organization and in the long run, evidently improving on the development of the North West.

Cushman and Wakefield Leeds

Similar to Manchester, Cusman and Wakefield Leeds picked up a total of two awards; this time at the Yorkshire Property Awards of 2018. Here are their awards on what exactly they did to achieve them:

The Game Changer Award: Picked up for the sale of a 67-acre site at Goole 36 which was sold to Siemers. The disposal of this space to Siemens which will be used for a new train manufacturing facility which represents one of the largest inward investment in the region, helping to create 1,00 new jobs for the local area.

Office Deal of the Year: Acting for the tenant, Burberry, the award was given for the acquisition of a 46,00 sq ft building space at 6 Queen Street, Leeds. This particular deal was cited as a major example of the inward investment by a globally renowned luxury fashion brand and has come to be a major boost for Leeds and its inhabitants.

Cushman and Wakefield Glasgow

Another great office location in the UK, which differs from the rest since this one is Scotland based. Cushman and Wakefield Glasgow is again another great office that has won numerous award over the years which further implies how good Cushman and Wakefield truly are as an organization as a whole, regardless of what country and correlating economy they find themselves in.

Cushman and Wakefield India

Cushman & Wakefield India PVT LTD was founded in 1997. Their Indian office, which features a wide range of offices throughout the country, just like their current offices in the UK, they have one plenty of awards for their commercial work within the Indians large and inspiring cities and towns.

Helping to create thousands of jobs for the locals, Cushman and Wakefield seem to have done nothing but great things in this particular location, as it does wherever their offices are.

Cushman and Wakefield Chennai

One of their most renowned offices in India, Cushman and Wakefield Chennai is amongst one of their organisation best offices due to the work which they produce for commercial clients and how they help to improve the lives of all who interact with these spaces.

Shown on the official Cushman and Wakefield marketbeats for the Chennai offices, you can clearly see how well they do year upon year, certainly an inspiring group of people for interior designs whether beginners or professionals.

Cushman & Wakefield Careers

Now if not yet obvious, after talking for many paragraphs about the offices which Cushman & Wakefield have in the UK and the rest of the world, comes with it are many careers opportunities, whether that’s full time jobs, part time or in the form of recruitment which leads onto graduation along with shorter summer internships.

There are many benefits to working for Cushman and Wakefield and it is, after reading, clear to me why Deb joined this prestigious organisation in the first place.

Below I have laid out for you what sort of opportunities there are, what you could be doing in these roles and what sort of salary you’d be fast with.

Cushman and Wakefield Jobs

I think everybody, including myself, only thinks about the core aspects of real estate, and that is the development process of a particular building as well as the interior design…and then everybody else forgets about the rest of the people behind the project; the receptionist, investment analyst, finance administrator…the list goes on.

There are endless amounts of jobs that Cushman and Wakefield have to offer, regardless of your current skill set and personal goes, C&W help you to discover what you’re best at and cater your work to help you achieve your goals.

So whether you’re full of real-world experience o you’re about to leave college, Cushman and Wakefield jobs offer plenty of opportunities no matter who you are.

IInstead of listing the actual jobs Cushman and Wakefield offer, I’d rather talk about the types of schemes and programmes they have in place which are unique to them and are a reason why they have been successful for more than 100 years of active business

  • Professional Development: Once you’re brought on as a full-time employee, C&W are committed into moulding you into someone who they need and someone who you want to be. This scheme is for the general population who are looking to take hold of their career and join a large team of talented people.
  • Graduate Schemes: I’ll talk a little more on this furtherr down the page but, C&W offer a graduate scheme to kick start a career in
    Building Surveying, Quantity Surveying, Interior Design, Building Engineering Project Management, Residential, and Planning.
  • Summer Internship: Again, just to quickly give you an instite, their 6-week summer internship scheme offers a great way for students to get an insight into the real estate industry from a point of view of a world renown company, Cushman & Wakefield.
  • Apprenticeship: Offfering a 5 year long apprenticeship which allows apprentices to work towards their level 6 Chartered Surveyor degree.
  • Work Experience: Running with their goals of creating jobs for those who come from any background, their work experience scheme offers young people a way of gaining exposure to the industry no matter who te individual is.

Cushman and Wakefield Jobs UK

Since I’ve just listed the sort of schemes and programmes that Cushman and Wakefield have employed to not only give incentives to people looking for a career in the industry but to also help them with personal growth and their career.

I’m going to further talk about opportuites that are specific to the UK.

If you’ve read the previous part on Cushman locations, your most obvious choice would be to join their London team, if choosing was an option, due to their location within the city and the awards which they have accumulated through their inspiring work.

If you’ve got something specific in mind there are plenty of job vacancies on from a receptionist to planning consultant; searching ion there will also be a good idea if it’s you’re looking to join since each vacancy has its location attached, so choosing London might be an option after all

Cushman and Wakefield Jobs NYC

This one is a little bit more specific to NYC rather than a Region or country but since NYC is probably about the same size as the UK, Cushman and Wakefield Jobs NYC probably offers the same amount, if not more, opportunities to the habitants of this city.

Now we all know New York City, even if we haven’t been there we know how magnificent the buildings are and I bet we can probably guess by now that Cushman and Wakefield had a least something to do with even just 1% of their awe-inspiring buildings.

And if this is the case, then joining their team, regardless of the role which you want, could be a great opportunity for you to get some insight into an amazing company whilst you’re in such a beautiful city.

There is no doubt, if I was young again and was looking for an in, into this industry, I would pack my bags and walk to New York to ensure I wouldn’t miss out on joining one of their various young people schemes.

Cushman and Wakefield Graduate Scheme

I touched on this a little bit earlier, but I thought I’d go a little more in-depth into what this scheme actually is, because to me it just sounds like a form of an apprenticeship but shorter, which I guess it sort of is. Anyway I’ll let you be the judge of that once I lay down the facts; onwards.

Actually, instead of writing it out here myself, I think it’ll be best to quote them from their website, o you can get a better idea of how they themselves view this particularly unique opportunity:

“At Cushman & Wakefield your career can go as far as your ambitions. Our 2-year commercial graduate programme is unique in the industry, our 3×8 month rotations and structured training provide the best possible start to your career in property. We also offer non-rotational graduates programmes in Building Surveying, Quantity Surveying, Interior Design, Building Engineering Project Management, Residential and Planning. We want you to come on a journey with us, starting with a permanent contract on Day 1, attaining your professional qualification, and progressing right through to Partner level.”

“We will provide you with a world class structured development programme, giving you access to the right experience to develop as a rounded property professional, with subsequent opportunities to specialise into your chosen graduate career path. We will provide you with every support to gain your RICS qualification. Your qualification provides you with a launch pad to advance your career at Cushman & Wakefield globally. Post-qualification, we will continue to invest in you as a potential future Partner, and give you opportunities for international placements to further prepare you on your path to a leadership position within the firm.”

For more information and other of Early Development schemes, go to the official Cushman Wakefield website.

Cushman and Wakefield Summer Internship

Another part of Cushman and Wakefield Recruitment scheme’s are the official Cushman and Wakefield Summer Internships programmes, which offers young people a way of exposing them to the industry that they way day aspire to be a key part of.

For me personally, I couldn’t think of anything better if I were to have this opportunity when I was once full of dreams and inspiring thoughts, this would have really helped me become even more invested in my work and give me the encouragement I needed to something with my raw talent earlier on.

Cushman and Wakefield Salary

Lastly, the part which everyone cares about in their career, and something I bet Deborah Boucher considered before joining Cushman and Wakefield and staying with them until she was a Managing Director…the money!

Since you’ve read this far, I can safely assume that you’ve read about the offices in different countries and the sorts of jobs and roles C&W offer, well obviously this will affect the sort of salary that a person could be expected, as this would differ from person to person depending on their role.

Reading reviews online, it appears that the Cushman and Wakefield salary scheme is well structured, so that the only way salary changes is that you have to move up in the company in terms of promotion, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it gives an incentive to work at a highh quality to quickly improve their skill set so they can be paid better for the quality of work they produce.

Deborah Boucher

Now that you’ve read and now understand more about the sort of company that Deb Boucher works for, let’s talk more about her and what exactly she does and some notable achievements she has made along the way.

Based in the Raleigh Durham office, with over 1 year of corporate real estate consulting experience, her career has spanned over the sectors of office, flex, life science, technology, and manufacturing. Being a Senior Director at Cushman and Wakefield’s she has accumulated many awards over the years due to her focus on assisting end-users with acquisition, dispositions and consolidation projects. With an impressive list of long term clients, that appears to me as never-ending she is also actively involved with then Tenant Advisory group, Life science group ad Corporate Services team who are a part of the Cushman & Wakefield organization.

Deb Boucher’s Awards and Assocations:

  • Cushman & Wakefield Americas Standing Ovation Award, 2016
  • TBJ’s 40 Under 40 Leadership Award, 2013
  • Cassidy Turley Rising Star, Class of 2013 
  • Triangle Commercial Real Estate Women (TCREW)
  • Cushman & Wakefield Life Sciences Practice Group
  • Cushman & Wakefield Tenant Advisory Group
  • Cushman & Wakefield Industrial Forum
  • Council for Entrepreneurial Development

And to continue on with the lists, here are some of her clients, I’d feature them all but seriously this one goes on forever.

  • AgBiTech
  • Allegis Group, Inc.
  • Aurobindo Pharma
  • Bayer CropScience
  • BioAgilytix Labs, Inc.
  • BioResource International
  • Braeburn Pharmaceuticals
  • Catalent Pharma Solutions
  • DuPont & Pioneer Hi-Bred
  • Freudenberg
  • Gilero

For the full list of awards and clientele, check out Deb Boucher page.

Judging by these lists alone, you can clearly see that Deb over the last 15 years has created herself a great career and is no doubt probably one of the most respected Cushman & Wakefield employees.

In conclusion, I and Deb share some similar quality in our passion for the real estate industry along with the amount of drive with have for our work and personal projects as a collective. And because of this, I am honoured to share a similar name with such a successful, driven and inspiring woman.