Gianna Camilotti is a London based designer who is best known for the beautiful interior she has created whilst working in London as well as Milan, Rome, and even Sao Paulo. Unlike many designers, Gianna has not to stuck to one single market, meaning she likes to create interior designs, textile designs and even product designs for both residential and commercial clients.

Her style has evolved over the years, like many great designs of this time and now she is most known for her character filled designs which feature influence of elegance and timeless bold details which she has clearly taken from cutting edge Italian design.

Understanding that she can’t do everything on her own, with confidence, she works with excellent suppliers and other professionals in the industry to ensure that she has all the right materials and knowledge so that she is able to create unique and custom products for her never-ending list of clients.

Gianna Camilotti Work

As mentioned, Gianna has created both interiors and products for her clients, we’d like to discuss and show examples of her beautiful work since we think its worth sharing if you’re wanting to get to know about what Gianna Camilottie is all about.

The next couple of sections are a compilation of her award-winning work.

Interiors Design Projects

Interior designers are obviously always known for their work on interiors of the homes and buildings for their clients, whether that’s the patterns on the walls or the textiles used on armchairs in the lounge.

Looking through her portfolio, she certainly has a range of work that has been completed from all over the world, from Milan to London and always to Rome. Although typically interior designs sometimes can have a certain style that 90% of the population would most probably disagree on.

However, I think the difference with Camilotti than other interior designers in the space is that anyone, no matter their background, can appreciate her work and along with what she has accomplished with the interior spaces.

Below is one of the photos from her Portfolio, which shows one of her London projects ‘The Church Conversion‘ in all its beauty. Gianna has used this space to its full potential, offering the home plenty of natural light without being too revealing inside and she has also exaggerated the age of this beautiful building by leaving the support beams exposed which only adds to how gorgeous this interior is.

Product Creations

On top of the interior design, she also creates a specific product for her client’s needs, whether thats giving them a focal point piece to structure their renovation round such as a sofa or wall art to help complete the look of a room.

She has created work of all types of her clients, but one that took me by suprise was that one of her pieces of work that she features on her website, which she also used in her ‘The Curch Conversion’ project was a ‘Everybody Sofa’ was created purley for herself, simply because current sofa’s on the market did not satisfy her needs; here is a blurb on the project;

“Gianna designed this sofa as a result of her failed search for a sofa of very large dimensions (this one is 530 cm long x 300 cm at its widest part). It was made of whole pieces of “eccopelle” , a high quality faux leather in order to avoid joins or visible stitching. The white eccopelle was combined with a very dark navy (almost black) cotton velvet, used on the cushions and on the “quarter shaped” ottoman which is detachable and can be moved to any other part of the sofa. Gianna’s sofa can acomodate up to 18 people, but you can have one in a smaller version. If you want to make a statement, bring “everybody” to your home!”

Taken from Gianna Camilot

Awards and Achievements

A talanted designer like Gianna Camilotti must have one some awards in her time, right?


Despite her being a London based designer, Camilottie has also won awards abroad, notably in Italy at the start of 2015 for the interior design work she had completed in the previous year.

If this wasn’t already a great achievement, she travelled home 2 months later, to catch up with friends and what not – and went to another award ceremony which her company (Gianna Camilotti LTD) was nominated for. To make her 2015 even more spectacular is that she actually came first in the category ‘Living Space Europe’, picking up a notorious award from the Architecture and Design awards ceremony which was put together by design et al magazine.

Collecting her award with surprise and excitement, she stated in a blog post which she had written up just a week after the ceremony;

“I leave here our special thanks to the Italian and Brazilian communities in UK “

Check out the full blog post here

Obviously it is apparent that her specialised design, which is of cutting edge Italy detailings, encouraged the migrants of the Italian and Brazilan communities to be fully supportive of her work; which unknown to them at the time helped to sway the votes into her favour; fully deserving the award however she managed to win it.

Now this is just one instance of her winning an award she truly deserved, so if you’re wanting a full collection of achivments and awards she has won for the decidated work she has produced for clients all over the world, then please feel free to check out the Gianna Camilotti Awards page on her site.