Interior Consulting

Interior Decorating, Home Staging and Color Consulting

If you break into a sweat at the thought of spending another weekend at a design center trying to choose the right paint color, fabrics, accessories or flooring stop! ?Your time is valuable and décor mistakes are costly; contact db Interiors a full service company providing interior design, home staging, color consulting, furniture, fabric and accessory selection and shopping to managing your home renovation.

We work with homeowners helping them use their existing furniture and décor items to recreate a tired unused space into a beautiful retreat.

Home Staging and Furniture Rental

Are you a home owner looking to sell or a realtor who has a property that isn’t selling. My goal is to increase the equity in your home through merchandising its’ best features using lifestyle selling techniques. A staged home can sell up to 30% more!

90% of home buyers cannot envision the potential of your home!

db Interiors work with you to identify how to ‘stage and improve’ your home to attract buyers. We analyze the property’s condition from top to bottom; inside and out. We approach home staging with a no-nonsense, practical way showing you how to make improvements room by room to generate a higher profit in the most cost-and-time-effective way. Whether its eliminating clutter, making repairs, arranging furniture we make your house have an emotional connection to the buyer and get you the top dollar for your property. ?

Color Consulting

Color is energy and creates a vibration that each of us reacts to! The emotional energy behind a color is contagious. You can make your lover more passionate or your child more goal-oriented simply by coloring your surroundings!

  • Are you in human resources and want to ensure your potential recruit is telling the truth.
  • Are you in management and your team are not working cohesively – a simple change in wall color will help create harmony.

Color is an essential element in our home and it’s important that we select colors or combinations that we most prefer. As a Color Consultant and certified trainer of the patented Dewey Color System we help homeowners choose and implement new color schemes. It all starts with:

Clarifying the purpose of the room and identify how you want to feel in it.
Evaluate how the other elements in the room will fit into the overall scheme, not just its’ color but the purpose of it and the use of the space. The Dewey Color System draws on the very forgiving or enhancing power of color tones to transform the ‘not quite right shade’ of décor items into a successful color palette.
Examine the lighting as it can play tricks. The yellow lighting can make emerald green look more olive, while a white bulb creates a more truer color. In daylight objects nearest to the windows will be highlighted, leaving the rest of the room in progressively deeper shadows. If the room is not too deep and contains only one window, the wall facing the window will be brighter than the side walls and the window wall.
Match your furniture and fabrics and select your paint colors or combinations of color that carry an emotional charge for you.