Renovating and Building – Envelope Remediation

Planning a renovation and don’t know where to start, db Interiors will work with you to bring your dream into a reality. Whether its a new bathroom or kitchen renovation or perhaps its your entire home. Regardless of how big the renovation it all starts with identifying the scope of the work, completing a house assessment to identify existing problems that could and will impact the project. Issues such as structural integrity, improper water drainage, mold and mildew, poor ventilation, insufficient insulation can have an affect your design and budget.

Our consulting services include identifying the scope of work, design drawings, specifications, product and trade selection and management.
We will be onsite representing you ensuring the product selection, installation and workmanship are superior and meet or exceed your standards.

Building Envelope Remediation

Are you frustrated with leaking roofs, damp moldy smelling basements, curled shingles, improper drainage or inadequate ventilation and insulation, water damage, or a room draft that is causing temperature fluctuation throughout your home.