Have you ever heard about the Dewey color system? According to a study undertaken by Taleo Corporation in 2008, at least 57% of workers in the US didn’t like their job. In fact, many found it a struggle to hang in their and only worked because they needed to settle bills and meet monthly expenses. A known fact is that unless you give 100% to anything you do whether career, personal growth, relationships and other things, you won’t be living life to the full. Sooner or later, you will find yourself not appreciating yourself, feeling stagnated, not understanding or relating well with your spouse, children, family and people around you. Such observation is what led to the Dewey color method or system.


What is the Dewey Color System?

This color system principle was invented by Sadka Dewey and aims to show relationship between color preference and personal attributes. It is a personal evaluation tool that aims at helping people identify themselves with specific colors and this helps them discover or re-discover themselves. According to the creator, this tool is more advanced than similar types such as the Myers-Briggs. By associating yourself with a certain color, you will be able to understand yourself better hence set goals based on what you want or desire and not what the society expects of you. The personality test tool centers on both likes and dislikes as these define who you are.


How Does It Work?

This color system comprises of two categories each consisting of three colors including blue, red, purple, magenta, indigo and more. Alongside each color is a personality trait. For instance, Thinkers fall under purple and blue. The system covers a total of 9 basic characters. If you like a certain hue then you will possess the listed personal attribute. However, if you don’t like it, then the said trait isn’t your strong but rather your weak energy. The aim of the color preference methodology is to help individuals first understand their personal attributes before engaging in something that they don’t like.


What Are Its Benefits?

The color system by Dewey seeks to achieve the following:

– Motivate: Understanding your mannerisms helps you focus on your strengths and working on your weaknesses.

– Boost Self Awareness: It improves your self-awareness and allows you to get in touch with self.

– Fine-tuning your career: The system assists you to understand what you want in life, career and relating better with your colleagues, partners and bosses.

– Improve Communication: Knowing your personal attributes helps improve your communication skills.

– Better Decision Making: Making decision faster and solving problems is easier when you know your personal characteristics.

– Deepen Relationships: Dewey believes that this color methodology improves personal relationship, social interaction and romance.


This color evaluation system is designed to help people get in touch with self, strengthen relationship and also set goals based on their personal preferences. It also seeks to guide people on the right career path rather than jumping on anything that puts bread and butter on the table. According to the creator, the Dewey color system will help you lead a better and more-fulfilling life.

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